Friday, August 18, 2006

1999 Dodge Intrepid power door locks makes noise when locking/unlocking: no codes


Both front door locks makes a high pitch noise when activating the lock/unlock buttons. There is no code when bcm (body control module) is scanned. Sometimes, the unlocking mechanism will not work but will work if you wait for a few minutes.

Basic Concept:

The door lock mechanism is a combination of a motor activated by a solenoid which pushes a linkage called "actuator". This linkage in turn makes the door lock moves to lock/unlock the door. This problem is very common on this type of vehicle.

Repair Strategy:

Open up your door panel and check the linkage. Most of the times, the actuators are worn and have to be replaced. An example on how it is done is shown in the left picture. Contact ATS for details to get the wiring diagrams so each component can be identified.


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