Saturday, September 16, 2006

2000 Toyota Camry ignition key with immobilizer has no start: No codes


I lost the ignition key on this car and I don't have a spare. Previous owner told me that this car's engine has an immobilizer and it needs a new ecu (engine computer) if I lost the key. Is there a way to bypass the immobilizer?

ATS Adviser:

There is no way to bypass this immobilizer and the only solution is to get a new ecu and have it programmed with a new set of keys. On a positive note, Toyota will provide you with a new ecu free of charge and you just have to call your nearest dealer to confirm this. Some dealers might refuse your request if they don't know if such practice exists and all you need to do is call Toyota head office to confirm.

ATS Tips:

Ignition immobilizer is a security system used by Toyota to enable your engine to shut down in case of theft. It does it by killing your engine injectors.

Starting 2002, Toyota can re-program your old ecu without replacing it when you lose your ignition key. Just ask them and give the car's serial number.


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