Monday, September 18, 2006

2002 Dodge Caravan high beam headlight does not work : No Codes


My headlight's high beam does not work intermittently from time to time. All my gages in the dash panel are OK including all the rest of the lights like fog lights and interior lights. No codes came out after scanning it and I am thinking of replacing the multi-function switch from the steering wheel but I am not sure if this is the right approach. Can you help?

ATS Adviser:

The way your lighting system works, there are 3 major lighting components namely the multifunction switch, body control module and the intelligent power module (IPM). Since the most of your lights are working except the high beam, your most likely culprit is the IPM which direct supply the power to your headlights.Using a wiring diagram, the power, ground and pci bus voltage on it can be checked and verified. If it is not within limits, replace the same.

ATS Tip:

ATS will provide the correct voltage readings for the IPM including detailed instructions on how to test the lighting circuit.


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