Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dash panel lights and accessories coming on and off when raining for 1998 Expedition: No Codes


Why would my dash panel gages, lights and accessories devices come on and of everytime it rains? Sometimes, the blower motor would even run by itself after I removed the key. I also hear relays clicking all the time and I checked all the ground connections but I got the same result. Help!

ATS Adviser:

If your windshield had been replaced recently, chances are the windshield is leaking. This would allow rain water to drip to the fuse block and the GEM (Generic Electronic Module) module which are located below. When that happens, it will create a short in your wirings and the GEM module causing this erratic behavior. Your best strategy is to remove the windshield and re-seal it again. At the same time, replace the GEM module and the fuse block.

ATS tip:

Ask your Ford dealer to sell you an upgraded GEM module (another name for this is the BCM) and make sure it is programmed for your vehicle. For further technical assistance thru email, contact ATS.


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