Tuesday, September 19, 2006

P0170 and P0173 adaptation codes on 1998 Mercedes Benz ML320 with 3.2 engines.


I have these codes P0170- self adaptation out of limits right bank and P0173-self adaptation out of limits left bank and as per your ATS lessons, I checked for vacuum leak but found none. A tune up was also done just a week ago but this check engine light keeps coming back. I am out of my wits on this...how do I fix these codes without going to the dealer?

ATS Adviser:

These codes are very common on this type of vehicle especially on tthe 98-99 models and is caused by a defective air mass sensor. To check, try servicing the mass sensor as per ATS past newsletters and reset the code by touching the battery terminals for a few minutes. You can then go for a road test and if there is changed in the mill light, replace the mass sensor next time it occurs (some shops are actually changing the mass sensor right away if they see these codes).

ATS tip:

Make sure your fuel pressure is up to specification before replacing the mass sensor.
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