Monday, October 02, 2006

Battery goes dead after parked overnight for 2000 Ford Taurus with 3.0L engine


My battery goes dead after my vehicle is parked overnight. The charging rate for the alternator is good and the battery was just replaced. If I test the battery drain, it is within limits. Also, my dome lights won't work but all the fuses are OK. Some friends say that there is a battery saver for this car, how do you check it?

ATS Advisor:

Your battery saver works together with your body control module called "GEM" module. This module is active all the time and needs 45 minutes to be on (or sleep) after you shut the key off. If any of the body functions like lights, accessories, door opening are shorted, the module will be on all the time causing the drain. To check, wait for 45 minutes before testing for drain. If drain is present, get the codes for the GEM module and fix it. Your dome lights circuit should be corrected first since this can get your GEM module to be active all the time.

ATS Tip:

You need a wiring diagram for the GEM module and interior lights which can be requested from ATS if you are a member.


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