Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dash panel lights quit on 1999 Dodge Caravan with 3.3L engine: Scanner won't


My dash panel lights that include tachometer, speedo, fuel, temperature and trany indicator just quit the other day. Last night, while driving home, I noticed the same dash panel lights flickering on and off when I turned on the headlights. There is no performance problem on the engine and it ran fine. However, when I scanned the codes today, the scanner just showed blank and not communicating with the engine computer. How do I fix this without going to the garage?

ATS Advisor:

Your instrument panel is controlled by your body control module (BCM) located under the dash on the left side of your steering column on top of the brake pedal. But a good way to check the BCM is to unplug it and see if the scanner now communicates with your engine computer (PCM) located on the left corner/fender of the engine compartment. If the BCM is defective, your scanner should come alive and function normally. Also in the BCM, you can measure the "ccd bus" voltage using ATS wiring diagram and specs so you can test for abnormal reading on its terminal pins. Finally, the dash panel unit can be taken out and checked for proper connections especially the soldered pins which can cracked and cause this problem.

ATS Tip:

If you are replacing the BCM, give the dealer the serial number of the vehicle and the mileage so they can program it on the new BCM.


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