Saturday, October 14, 2006

P0441 Emission Code for 1999 Toyota Camry with 2.2L engine


My check engine light is on and I got this code P0441 Evaporative System Incorrect Purge Flow after I scanned it. I checked the fuel tank cap and it was good. Where do I start?

ATS Adviser:

The most common cause of this code comes from the failure of the VSV sensor by the Charcoal Canister. What happens is the canister itself begins to break inside and creates a lot of debris which can penetrate the VSV sensor passages. When this happens, it will disrupt the sensor setting when the sensor closes or opens triggering the code. This is very common on this model and you are better off replacing the charcoal canister assembly. The canister comes complete with new sensors but you need to blow the lines to remove the unwanted charcoal particles inside.

ATS Tip:

To save money, you can remove the VSV sensor so you can open it up and clean of debris. However, the code will repeat again unless you replace the charcoal canister.


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