Saturday, August 26, 2006

1997-2000 Ford Truck AIR BAG removal tip: can you do it?


If you have to change your steering gearbox connected below the steering column and the steering wheel has to come off, what safety precautions do you require?


Before removing the steering wheel and the column, do these:
  • Remove the battery connections. Wait at less 1 minute before working on the air bag. This system can be activated even without the battery connected because of a back up system that can be activated within 1 minute of disconnecting the battery.
  • Disconnect the coil spring (located inside the steering wheel) yellow wire connector. This coil spring provides electrical connection to the airbag.
These 2 steps will prevent accidental application of the air bag module (see picture) so you can work on it.
For a detailed instruction on removing the air bag of your particular Ford Truck model, contact ATS.


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