Friday, August 25, 2006

2000 Honda Accord tip of the day: How to get the security code of your radio


Radio locked up and won't work. Usually happens when buying a used car and previous owner forgot to give the buyer the security code to enable the radio to work again.

Basic Concept:

On this Honda model, there is no common universal security code; instead the dealer will supply the particular code of the radio based on the serial number of the radio installed in the car.

Repair Strategy:

Using a mirror, get the radio serial number behind the glove box. The numbers are usually stamped on the bottom of radio housing. Once you have that, call the dealer and give them the number together with the VIN number of your car. On some cases, a trip to the dealer might be necessary so a proof of ownership of the car can be established. Once the code is available, reset the radio by touching the battery cables together 1-2 minutes. Then reconnect battery cables and turn radio on. A display of "CODE" will come out in the radio and the code you have can be fed to it using the radio preset buttons. For radio wiring diagrams and details of this procedure, contact ATS.


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