Monday, October 09, 2006

Engine no start for 1994 VW Golf with 1.8L engine: No engine code


I have this car that I bought from the auction lot a month ago and would not start on me yesterday. There is no spark but I have an injector signal when I tested it with a noid light tester as per ATS. I also checked the battery side of the coil and but the tach side would not blink. Reading your articles, I now suspect the ignition module is bad but how to I check it?

ATS Advisor:

Your spark is controlled by your ignition module which connects to the fuel pump relay. Have a look at the relay if it is clicking with your fingers when you turn the key on. If bad, that relay can ground the tach signal and will cause no spark. Also, make sure there is continuity between the ecu (computer) pin 6 and the module pin 2. Finally, check the ignition module ground near the battery for corrosion and loose connection. If all of these checks OK, replace the ignition module.

ATS Tip:

Use ATS wiring diagram to trace ignition module wiring connections.


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