Friday, October 06, 2006

P0031 Oxygen sensor code for 2000 Dodge Ram with 5.9L engine.


One of my injectors has a bad PCM driver after using the noid light tester that you recommended. I replaced it including the injector wiring harness (it was shorting out which was the original cause of the injector failure). After I replaced the PCM bought from the dealer, the misfire was gone and the engine ran good. However, my mill light was still on and has a code P0031 which was not there before. Did I get the right type of PCM from the dealer? How do I check it?

ATS Advisor:

When you buy your PCM from the dealer, they usually programmed the PCM based on your vehicle's serial number. If it is, try using the wiring diagrams and actually check the colors of the wires indicated in the PCM terminals. I have seen in some other cases where an older model was the right PCM...example: a 1999 PCM was used instead of a 2000 PCM was used on the vehicle. And you can check that by comparing the wiring colors shown in the diagram. Try this and let me know.

ATS Tip:

Before doing the above test, try calling your dealer to supply you with another PCM. The new one that you have might be defective and this happens sometimes.


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