Thursday, October 05, 2006

P1716 No communication with PCM for 1998 Chrysler Town & Country with 3.8L engine


My car has a mill light coming on and when I scanned it, I got an error code: P1716 which is not listed in obd2 codes (error code). The engine runs great but the light bothers me and I cannot check the data for my engine. Any suggestions?

ATS Advisor:

First of all, try checking the integrity of your scanner by trying a second scanner and see if you can get the same error code. The best scanner to use on this is the "BRICK" or the MT2500 Snap-On scanner which is very popular with small garages. For a small fee, any garage could do this for you unless your parts store has this type of scanner. If the same code appears, here are some common causes of this problem: Poor power and ground connections at the PCM or at the data link connector (DLC), defective instrument panel connections, bad wiring harness or defective PCM itself.

ATS Tips:

Specific testing of the PCM and other modules such as the TCM (trany control module), BCM and other accessories can be sent to you once you confirmed the code.

Measure the CCD Bus voltages at PCM pins 59 and 60 with key on, you should get 2.25 volts, if higher than this, the PCM might be defective.


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