Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wiper Motor works intermittently on 1999 Chevy Pick Up Truck: No engine codes


My Truck's wiper motor is acting up lately, it would OK and then abruptly quit working unless I manually move the blades to shake it. I can also activate it if I play around with the ignition key (shutting it off and on a few times). Finally, I thought I heard the wiper motor buzzing when it quit on me. Do I have to replace the wiper motor?

ATS Advisor:

This problem is common with this GM truck model and most of the time; the culprit is a defective wiper module. This part is found inside the wiper motor and very easy to replace. You can test it by tapping the motor when it is not working and the motor will come alive. Once you verified this, it's a matter of removing the motor assembly and changing the module inside.

ATS Tip:

If the price difference is not much, you are better off changing the whole wiper motor assembly.


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